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    Thursday, 14 November 2013


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    Terri Torrez

    This post really resonated with me. Yes, my life turned out mostly like I planned. I have a marriage of 18 years, a wonderful son, friends and family and a job that I genuinely enjoy. But still that need to please takes its toll - as I manage our home, deal with my son's special needs, run the PTA, take on extra responsibilities in the office, etc. I spent so much time and energy doing the things I thought I was supposed to do. And while I don't exactly regret those efforts, I burned out and began to resent the work and the people around me.

    This year my One Little Word is Choose. I chose a lot of things but most of all I chose to let go if the things that drained me and didn't sustain me, no matter what it did for anyone else. Miraculously in the last few months several opportunities have presented themselves; opportunities that I knew instinctively and without thought that I needed to pursue. Opportunities that made me feel special and valued and that I am passionate about. Two of them are already working out and they make so happy. I'm waiting to hear about the big one today. But even if it doesn't work out as I hope, I know that I am infinitely happier for having tried.

    Life is still hard on so many levels. And the challenges keep coming every day. But these bright spots of joy that are just for me, make all the difference.

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