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    Monday, 19 September 2011


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    I rarely ever lose my cool. However I guess I'm more like a percolator where I build up steam to the point where I burst into ridiculous behavior. I have never flipped anyone off, however I imagine it to be really fulfilling :)

    Sarah Smith

    I about flipped my lid on Facebook the other day, when in response to a pro-gay marriage blog post, a friend of the guy who posted it went off on how gays are evil. I posted something short and vague in response, not wanting to incite a riot on a friend's wall, and I've been fuming ever since. I.can' So yah, I lost my cool and it could have been worse, and I can't stop thinking about how I'd like to respond to that woman.


    Asmodeus Azarak

    I had a similar issue where a driver absolutely refused to alternate merge. I always let one person in, but I won't let someone else in just for being obnoxious, but he just about scraped my car trying to force the issue.

    Sadly I have a fiery Irish heritage, so losing my cool is not as uncommon for me, but surprisingly I did in this case, but I was quite annoyed.


    I would like to lose my cool, I think it would be a healthy release. I am one of those people that internalizes EVERYTHING, I hold onto it, stew over it, and can not manage to shake it off until I have exhausted myself.
    So maybe losing my cool every one in a while with a rant, a stomping of my feet, or just telling someone off would be good : )

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