One-Line Bio

A 40 something woman spending the next year of her life getting comfy in her own skin...


Born and raised a poor coal miner's daughter...oh wait, that's a different story!

Instead, let's have some 50 random things about moi!

I will laugh at myself when I don’t have exactly 50.

1. I was born and raised in the Chester County suburbs of Philadelphia and the farthest I have ever lived from there was Newark, DE when I went to college.
2. I want to live in Seattle so badly that I can taste it.
3. I attended a Waldorf school from K through 3rd grade. I didn’t learn how to read until the summer between 3rd and 4th grade.
4. If you ever want to beat the love of reading out of a child, force her to sit in summer school learning Phonics.
5. I am 37 but I read at a 45 year old level – clearly I caught up somewhere along the way.
6. I am a cat person. I have had dogs, I have loved dogs but I’d much rather have a cat.
7. I have the most evil cat on the planet -- and I love her like crazy!
8. I have a freakish phobia of snakes. Even seeing them on TV makes my heart race. Clearly I did not see “Snakes On A Plane”.
9. I want to learn to play guitar so I can be a singer/songwriter.
10. More than that – I want to be a writer and speaker.
11. I adore travel – if I could write and speak AND travel – well, that’d be a fantastic life.
12. I have often felt like I am living a half lived life. I'm working on changing that.
13. I have completed 3 half-marathons.
14. I have been overweight since I was 4 years old.
15. I would like to learn to fly a plane.
16. I am really good with computers.
17. I have an artist stuck inside my body with very little ability to let her out – that’s something I’ll be working on over the next year.
18. What was to become my father’s linoleum store was the grocery store in the original of “The Blob”
19. I dislike all seafood and 99.99% of cheese.
20. I met Bill Clinton in 1996 when I drove in his motorcade in Woodland, WA.
21. Have I mentioned I want to live in Seattle?
22. People are constantly shocked to learn of my self-esteem issues. Apparently I do a fair job at hiding them.
23. I met Kevin Bacon when I was a kid.
24. My favourite vegetable is bok choy.
25. I spell most words the British way except check – I don’t spell it cheque.
26. I used to spend a week/month in Portland, Oregon and I had a Tuesday night ritual – spend a few hours exploring Powell’s bookstore and then get take out from PF Changs.
27. I am not particularly good at hiding my bad moods.
28. Luckily, I am rarely in a truly bad mood.
29. I was thrown down a flight of stairs in the 6th grade – 6th grade was the worst year of my life.
30. I am somewhat scared of horses. And bugs.
31. I am a sympathetic vomiter.
32. I love to cook (funny how 31 and 32 are right next to each other, eh?)
33. I would love to go to culinary school save for the fact that I don’t think I could get through it without having to cook/eat fish and cheese.
34. When my play school teacher Miss Carol told us how much she loved us and we were like her own children, I stood up and announced "I'm sorry Miss Carol but I'm already tooken."
35. I used to dream that Barry Manilow would marry me.
36. After 8th grade, I went to my first public school. I almost skipped the 9th grade because I had taken almost all of the course work in the 8th grade but my mom thought better of it socially and I'm glad she did. But 9th grade wasn't much of a challenge for me. I thought through most of it that I was WAY too smart to be in some public school. I was a real snot about it. However, the first day of 9th grade I spent shaking the whole day because I'd never been in a place with so many people in my life. My 8th grade class had 10 people, my 9th grade class has 250.
37. I spent the summer of 2008 leading a group of kids on an international camper exchange program.
38. I spent January of 2008 working at the Sundance Film Festival.
39. I wish I was coaching right now.
40. I went to the University of Delaware and really hated it. I had a multitude of majors - history, philosophy, art history and eventually political science. I should have gone to a small women's liberal arts school.
41. I gave my high school commencement address to about 3000 people in the Pavilion at Villanova University.
42. My 18th birthday was my best birthday - Michael J. Fox hosted SNL that night. I loved him!
43. When I was a kid, I wanted to be a astronaut - sadly, I sucked at math.
44. When I was a kid, I was so afraid something was going to happen to my mom that when I had a babysitter, I didn't have to go to bed until she came home -- mostly because I absolutely wouldn't.
45. Tulips are my favourite flower.
46. I iron all of my clothes before I wear them except bras and underwear.
47. I have been to 44 states and 5 Canadian provinces – I want to hit all by the time I’m 50.
48. I cried the first time I saw the Pacific Ocean.
49. I broke my finger at the Vatican.
50. I used to have the same nightmare every year on my birthday.
51. I can never follow my own directions!


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